Yahaya Bello group faults Tinubu’s victory.

The Yahaya Bello Presidential Campaign Organization has erroneously criticized the emergence of Bola Tinubu as a candidate for president of the All Progressives Congress.
They said this in a statement on Wednesday entitled ‘Yahaya Bello is still a hero of the oppressed’.
In a statement issued by the party’s Director of Media and Publicity, Yemi Kolapo, the process produced by Tinubu was described as “activated” and “crooked”.
Read the full statement:
The first presidential election of the All Progressives Congress has come and gone. The process was basically peaceful but very relaxed. This is not new, however, in a country where democracy is defined as a dictatorship by the oppressors and the oppressors.
“It is sad to note that those who should know and many in the process of thinking of them as honest leaders are those who work against the people who were elected to represent them for good reason.
“In this program stands out one leader, according to the majority of Nigerians. And that leader has proven to the oppressed and the so-called “anonymous Nigerians”, that despite years of intimidation by some, our best people can stand firm without compromising the values ​​we should be known for. nation.
“That leader, even sincerely, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello of the Kogi region. He is a hero of this process and has put it high and his point was clear even to his worst enemies.
“If there was a clear and hopeless group of northern rulers and leaders of one party, and that person never disappointed his full-time supporters but fought to the end, ignoring the disciplinary process. it should be celebrated by the region it represents – the youth.
“The system of primaries in which the most heavily pocketed delegates are their leaders and those who choose to run in the biggest elections are made to nominate candidates to carry the flag of a political party is distorted as is the process itself.
Apparently in an effort to prove that he was not one of them, the enemies of this movement, Nigeria, went so far as to speak to the delegates and rubbed their palms to ensure that the votes against Yahaya Bello’s favor were counted against his name. But unknowingly they made him the current hero.
We do not need to talk too much but we pray that God Himself will deliver the people of Nigeria from the hands of the enemies of democracy. Poverty is a tool they have long used to keep Nigerians poor. In due time, however, the jinx must burst!
We just wish that this obvious crack in the roof could eventually create a ceiling cave.
We want to thank the media very much for their strong support despite the persecution and bad information provided by the opposition. You are truly partners.
Yahaya Bello remains the hero of the process.

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