Why I shunned APC Convention-Nwajiub.a

The Minister of National Education and the candidate for the presidency of the All Progressives Congress, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, has stated his reasons for not attending the party’s primary meeting.

In addition to being among the 28 presidential candidates who bought nomination forms for the presidency, he also became the first cabinet member to resign in order to fulfill his ambition.

Giving his reasons on Wednesday in a statement he signed in person and entitled “Statement of Gratitude and Thanksgiving”, the former minister said allegations of “stigma against South-East” were the reason he was absent.

The statement reads:

I am issuing this statement after a careful review of our APC presidential ticket campaign.

First of all, I thank our Almighty God, the creator and giver of all things, for the gift of all that we are or have. I would like to thank all the many people, far and near, who through personal service, prayers, scriptures, advice, financial gifts, donations, and many other ways, encouraged me.

I thank my family, who have endured my constant ridicule of their choice of a small and dangerous public life, health.

Thank you to all my friends, best wishes and even those who may not wish us well but who have played their part in the National Conversation.

I would urge no one to be discouraged or disappointed. My approach to the Nigerian presidency is based on being able to present a progressive vision of a cohesive, cohesive and focused force to transform Nigeria into a strong economic base, one whose citizens will be better protected to live a more fulfilling life.

I prefer to take the boring way of following the law, meeting the requirements and staying morally clean, in some cases selling the same paradigm.

Thank you for all the time, resources and emotions invested by so many people, young and old, near and far in this boring way.

I and all those who wanted to enter agreed on a way to agree on who to run for office, in order to effectively maintain the vision of a developing family, away from everything you need to earn money with a high-profile tender, which was already awarded to another political party.

I and other aspirants are now in the southeast, thanking our party leadership for our commitment to move the presidential ticket south, and asking for more depth in the southeast to reflect our main reason for seeking a position, left, “to build a secure and prosperous and inclusive nation. ” This much is recorded for those who want to enter the east released on May 22, Mr.

After all these petitions failed, it became clear that the meeting had taken away from the higher ideals that I agree with and that I will pursue. Therefore, I refused to go.

These ideas have been reflected in the claims of some southerly natives who choose to go there in their appeal for justice or in a constitutional need, when faced with a conscience of non-existence. Even the cries of the elderly on national television who could not cast a vote, if I shouted in the same way as the voice of the youth, would probably be inspiring as we face our current security problems in the southeast and possibly despite our efforts. It is better to stay outside.

I am committed to the pursuit of the goals of a prosperous, cohesive nation, fully protected by all of us, lending to our beloved country, its citizens and those who can afford it, the knowledge gained, the lessons learned, and the diversity I can breed.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage with all sectors of our society, all leadership structures in our team and in our country. Thank you for the comfort of your diverse audience, for sharing this message.

Thank you all, very much.

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