We made highest recovery from Lagos, Abuja, others – EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission says it has returned the highest amount in 2021 from Lagos Zonal Command, followed by Abuja, where its headquarters are; Kaduna Zonal Command and Port Harcourt Zonal Command.

According to the April EFCC Alert, a monthly e-magazine published by the commission’s media unit, in 2021 alone, the EFCC acquired Lagos N70.31bn, $ 9.28m, £ 21,500, 4.06 Bitcoin and 0.09 Ethereum, token of popular digital.

At its headquarters in Abuja, the commission said it had received N67.24bn, $ 375.66m, £ 1.15m, € 155,251.76.

Also, in Kaduna Command, the commission received N3.33bn and $ 13,685; At the Port Harcourt Command, it said it had returned N2.14bn and $ 125,077; at Sokoto Zonal Command, received N1.92bn, $ 56,950 and £ 4,075; at Kano Zonal Command, received N1.78bn, $ 194,098 and SAR1.72m.

From its Benin Zonal Command, it received N972.05m, $ 49,240 and £ 735; in Enugu Zonal Command, received N768.2m, $ 22,735 and AED50; in Ibadan Zonal Command, received N325.52m, $ 383,385, £ 2,670, € 995, 1,400 Canadian Dollar, 1.3BTC and ZAR1, 900.

In addition, in the Gombe Zonal Command, it claimed N388.59m and $ 1,500; in the Uyo Zonal Command, received N234m and $ 357,000; at Maiduguri Zonal Command, make N970.42m; in Makurdi Zonal Command, received N121.35m; and in Ilorin Zonal Command, received N240.96m and $ 7,161.

The commission said that since its inception 19 years ago it has continued to take legal action against law enforcement agencies, increasing the number of convicts, assets seized from corruption schemes and preventing corruption.

“No government agency has been involved in law development in Nigeria for the past 10 years other than the commission,” EFCC chairman AbdulRasheed Bawa added.

In line with the sentences received so far, it said, “EFCC received 976 sentences by 2020; 1,280 in 2019, and 314 in 2018. Walking in memory, was a humble start with 68 cases in 2010 and -67 recorded in 2011.

“The Commission then returned it to 87, 117 and 126, in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. Down in 2015, it was found that there were 103 cases. However, in 2016 there was progress, with 194 cases. Another drop was confirmed in 2017 as it dropped by five, remaining 189 cases.

“But, in all respects, the 2021 record of 2,220 (sentencing) can be described as a” significant increase “, which no doubt puts the EFCC on the basis of pacesetter.

“This also shows shocking figures of N152,088,698,751.64; $ 386,220,202.84; £ 1,182,519.75; € 156,246.76; 1,723,310.00 iSaudi Riyal; 1,900.00 South African Dollar, and 1,400.00 Canadian Dollars obtained from public corruption.

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