Trained bodybuilder Paul Poloczek dies 37 hours after competing in competition

Polish bodybuilder Paul Poloczek died at the age of 37 just hours after competing in Germany.

The strong Polish-born man had participated in the NPC Worldwide Championship before his sudden death.

The cause of death has not yet been determined but Poloczek recently died of a high-profile bodybuilder.

His wife Kathrin DeNev speaking on Instagram said: ‘Bodybuilding was your life. You have not forgotten, you are still living in our hearts. ‘We will love you forever.’


Add to this post later: ‘I will do my best to keep your dream alive. I love you. ‘

Poloczek was originally a professional footballer but loved bodybuilding at a young age and joined the famous Powerhouse Gym franchise in Oehringen in Germany in 2002, before becoming its owner.


He won his first Junior Championship body building at the age of 17 and later finished second at the German Championships in the Super-Heavyweight division in 2012.

He later won the Arnold Classic amateur competition in 2017 which allowed him to do professional work.

Paul Poloczek

Poloczek is survived by his wife and young daughter.

Her death comes a month after Stacey Cummings died suddenly at the age of 31.

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