Today:IPOB reaffirms commitment to restoration of Biafra

The Indigenous people of Biafra have stated that they are still committed to the liberation and restoration of the Biafran Empire, saying that no threat could stop us from doing so.
This is as the separatist group has emphasized that although the Federal Republic of Nigeria has branded it as a terrorist organization, its policies and demands do not in any way suggest that it is in line with the principles and ideologies of terrorism.
The director of the Media and Publicity group, Emma Powerful, said in a statement on Wednesday, thanking the Biafrans for their hard work in the annual Biafran day of May 31.
The statement read in part, “The international community and the Biafran Indigenous family under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to congratulate the Biafras, Biafran friends and freedom lovers around the world who have spent time. to celebrate the seasonal event and to remember our late heroes and heroines who paid the highest price for Biafran freedom between 1967-1970 until now.
“We commend Biafra both locally and internationally for the perseverance, resilience and effort to ensure that our Biafran Heroes and Heroines celebrations are a great success and have a positive global outlook in every country in the world.
“The IPOB leadership brings to you a message of encouragement and hope from our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is delighted to participate in the dedication of IPOB families around the world who have shown the international community that we are ready to go and manage our destiny for free. and the Biafran Independent Nation.
In line with the sentiments of memories and traumatic memories, we urge the conscience and consideration of the international community to extend to West Africa and Biafra that all the values ​​that are widely preached and consistently published in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which include not only freedom of choice DETERMINATION, among other things.
“It also does not make sense that with the stated policies of the Nigerian government which are not allowed to promote it, the public effort / development of regional infrastructure financially in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.
“We are equally grateful to the IPOB families among us for their efforts in this year’s Heroes’ Day program to attract the most talented strategists and celebrities, especially in the host countries.
“The internal system has created more opportunities for the Biafran independence movement and for our people to be educated by the knowledgeable Biafran people and friends of Biafra on the need to remain calm and focused despite the ups and downs. from agent provocateurs who work against the interests of all of us but work in partnership with the Nigerian Fulani government.
Therefore, everyone should try to focus on football the ‘big picture’ in our struggle to liberate our world from a stubborn organization called Nigeria.
“We are a people of Biafra with over 75 million people. We are not terrorists, we are not criminals as our dictator Nigeria wanted to mark us. All countries and nations of the international police, immigrants, foreign affairs and competent courts can testify to our good conduct, as opposed to the deliberate genocide by Nigerian government police, armed forces and their stories of disrespect.

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