Three years of Govenor Abiodun’s administrative ingenuity

It has been exactly three years since the downturn, line-up and focused management of Ogun State under the leadership of Prince Dapo Abiodun, the fifth democratically elected governor of Gateway Province.

The three-year review, marked by commendation and recommendation to management on unprecedented and exemplary leadership that has been inherited in Gateway province, has thus become a ‘significant number’ among the provincial structures. When taking office on May 29, 2019, executives experienced a collapse and a deficit in governance that resulted in a huge debt profile, near a vacant treasury, a low morale of state government employees, dozens of abandoned and unfinished projects, empty promises, discrimination, mistrust, retaliation, personal inheritance. of the family, among other things.

Since then, Governor Abiodun has not missed work, through the implementation of high-level projects and programs based on the five pillars of development, Infrastructure, Welfare and Welfare, Education and Human Development, Youth Development and Agriculture.

While emphasizing the contribution of public servants to the day-to-day running of the administration, Abiodun understood that they needed the motivation to gain the trust and confidence of civil servants and civil servants to do their best to achieve the best results. . Within a week of taking office, he made a social contract with the workers, and promised his employers’ commitment to pay wages, (through the Joint Allocation Account Committee or the Federal Allocation Account Committee), in due course. , the progress he has made so far. However, the youngest worker goes home with N30,500 as a monthly salary. Also, in recognition of the genuine and meaningful efforts of retired public servants and public servants who have contributed significantly to the development of the workforce, management has made a total of N500 million quarterly, from 2021, among the remaining funds. the past management owed money to pensioners. To date, management has paid R2.5 billion to deliver on its promises. To further strengthen staff morale, the government has issued promotional letters to all categories of employees covering both the 2018 and 2019 examinations. Also, it has reviewed the budget for car repairs and motorcycle loans for government workers young and old, from N100,000 to N200,000 and N40,000 to N80,000 respectively.

In particular, the retention of faith and vision based on “a strong and ethical governance, while creating a conducive environment for public-private partnerships funded by the growth of the state economy and individual prosperity”, for the first time. The major pre-administrative task was the immediate completion of all abandoned and unfinished road projects spread across all three senatorial districts from the previous administration. After that, it began the construction and rebuilding of new road projects that are economically viable for the growth and development of the state. To date, 80 and 120 other highways have been rebuilt or rehabilitated including 661.76 km and 99.125 km completed projects, while a total of 562.63 km is still in all three senatorial districts. In addition, management has completed the reconstruction of all legacy flyovers spread across the province.

Life is a treasure, Governor Abiodun took office, a week after taking office in 2019, and ordered the immediate rehabilitation of Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, which was to collapse, with the purchase of a hospital. Advanced medical equipment, the construction of new blocks and the recruitment of more than 150 medical personnel, across all sectors to support efficient and effective service delivery. Not to be outdone, he oversaw the refurbishment and equipment of Primary Health Care Centers in all 20 local governments, drug purchases and laboratory reagents and the development and development of a network of Ambulances and Emergencies from four inherited vehicles to 26 in two years. Also, management has allocated a total of N100 million to implement the Universal Health Insurance Scheme in the informal sector.

Agriculture has taken a major step in the management of mass production for land use and export to meet food security. It is the ultimate goal of management change in ensuring food security and job generation for many unemployed youth. As a result, management has supported 9,048 farmers with improved rice and cassava production in eight participating local government local government districts; and training of 6,812 farmers on good Agronomic methods for cassava and rice; strengthening Ogun State Agricultural Linkage programs to create jobs, with more than 85,000 registered interests from farmers. Others include 4,565 farmers who have benefited from the Central Bank of Nigeria / Ogun State Anchor Borrowers Program for credit linked N959,896,245: 00 in the cassava value chain, while 1,081 beneficiaries are connected to inputs with credit N245: 003,7 of the amount of rice.

Creating a Job. Managers have made the fight against youth unemployment particularly prominent in their pillars of development. There have been various programs to empower the youth, the vulnerable and women; One of these was the launch of the Job Portal in the province, shortly after it took office in 2019. To date, no less than 150,000 young people are benefiting.

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