Polygamy can stop infidelity — Arike Gold

The actress, Folorunsho Adeola, better known as Arike Gold, said keeping a person’s life outside the public domain has many benefits.

In an interview with the Sunday Scoop, he said, “The saying ‘private life is a happy life’ is very true. If what people know about the person is limited, it will be difficult for them to start a conversation about someone or someone close to them. I can’t stop people from gossiping about me. However, private life reduces drama. I do not share my personal information on social media because I feel it should be kept a secret. ”

Gold also revealed that he is not upset when it comes to him. He added, “I have heard many rumors about me. But, I don’t feel bad about them because I didn’t do any of those things. There was a time when I was rumored to be in love with a famous artist. In fact, of all the people I’ve ever dated, I don’t even have their phone numbers. ”

Asked if he agrees that polygamy is a solution to infidelity, the actor said, “Yes, I agree. But, that does not mean that I will marry a married man. Most of the time, women just want to have their babies. Some of these ladies (who are not first wives) are comfortable and comfortable; they just don’t have the luck with men. As a result, they eventually have children of their own.

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