Police get digital system for case file, others storage

The Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, has introduced a new digital technology to equip lawyers handling criminal cases and to deal with recurring cases of file loss.

Father also revealed that less than 50 lawyers are fired each year from the Police College.

IG made the statement while officially launching the Q-Soft Hybrid Case Management System, an application designed to improve the productivity of attorneys through automated case management from start to finish.

Baba said the Nigeria Police Force prides itself on being one of the highest levels of the State Government with the highest level of professional lawyers.

He cited the recent decoration of DCP Simon Lough, a senior police lawyer, as the Nigerian Attorney General as proof of the depth of their law-abiding conduct.

“Unfortunately, the student accreditation system has been disrupted because the police have failed to meet certain requirements, including the digital legal library,” he said.

IG has expressed the belief that new digital technologies that will be distributed in almost every police force will assist in prosecuting, speeding up justice and dealing with the new waves of robbery and kidnapping in the country.

The IG said, “Despite the large number of highly qualified and dedicated lawyers, the ongoing management of litigation over the years remains an important challenge in our drive to advance the course of criminal justice.

“We have not only distributed software, but also hardware in all 36 national laws, including FCT. We have also made arrangements for the training of officials in charge of all legal departments across the country. ”

The promoter of this technology, Funmi Quadri, SAN, also stressed that the police could not be seen operating in the analogue area because the world has gone digital.

According to Quadri, Q-Soft hybrid case management technology has a user management system that easily identifies all NPF law enforcement officials, including their addresses and phone numbers.

He said, “With the click of a button, one can state the number of Oyo cases going on; you can tell the cases being handled in Maiduguri and you can give immediate advice on what to do instead of writing and keep waiting for the next two to three weeks.

“This includes getting the names, emails and contacts of all the lawyers handling each case in the federation. All case files, court judgments and prescribed cases are also scanned and sorted into the system.

“The good news is that this can also be done on cell phones in court or elsewhere.”

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