Parents, alumni, govt can get rid of cultism in Ogun schools – Ex-HoS

Former Ogun State Head of Services and national president of the Egba High School Old Students’ Association, Lanre Bisiriyu, said there were many ways to deal with religion in the province and there would be efforts by parents, alumni associations and government.

Bisiriyu made the remarks on Tuesday at the opening of a school hostel built by the school’s alumni in 1980.


He said while the government was trying to play its role, the union of adult students and school authorities should help resolve the issue of primary and secondary school service.

He said, “The solution is broad. Do not forget that religion is a national tragedy.


“To put it bluntly, you know the ruler of the country, Prince Dapo Abiodun, the way he spoke, you will see his commitment to ensuring that religion is eradicated from our schools.

“Government cannot do it alone. When adult learners enter, their school building is also considered. Look at the interaction between school administrators and students and see what you can do to curb religion in your school.

“You will also see that it is not limited. We also try our best to bring in bright clubs like the Rotary club. They will also come to preach against religion.


“And we take our time, set by set, to talk to students. Some of these students practiced religion out of ignorance.

“The other side is the parents. We hope that by the time parents, school administrators and adult learners play their part; the government is always ready to support. ”

Speaking to one of the students at the school, Esther Olabisi, said the program was to revive the school’s reputation.


Students lamented the poor state of the school building and the deteriorating morale of the students, adding that faith is a condemned practice, urging students to stay away.

“We just want to make the school as good as it was when we were here.

“So that is one of the reasons why we need to renovate the residence. If we return it, it will mean that students can go through the admission process there, we can choose the best for this school.

“That is one reason why we are here.

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“Unfortunately, it (cultism) has also arrived in high school and one of the suggestions we have made is that any child who attends this school, must commit and sign an agreement,” Olabisi said.


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