Oyo doctor, nurse suspended over alleged misconduct

The Oyo State Hospitals Management Board has announced the suspension of a health officer and a nurse for alleged involvement in professional misconduct.

HMB Chairman, Dr. Gbola Adetunji, in a statement on Saturday, said the two officials had been suspended after a management meeting.




He said they were suspended following the referral of a patient to a private facility for emergency surgery.



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He further added that the two medical personnel had been summoned by relatives of the alleged patient and that the investigating officers had found them guilty.


The statement read, “Oyo District Hospital Management Board has appointed two medical staff for diverting a patient to a private facility for surgery.

“This decision follows an investigation into complaints received from the affected patient relationship.

“Another investigation is underway by the Board’s Disciplinary Committee. Following the activities of the Department of Health Monitoring Committees and the Board and the reports of members of the public, the Board concluded that a few bad eggs in the provincial health sector undermined the good work of the majority of the private sector. public health workers ”.


“The board has had many discussions with various health workers, emphasizing drastic changes in attitude during their work.

“The Board is deeply saddened by this insignificant attitude despite the huge investment and welfare in the health sector by current management under the strong leadership of the people of His Excellency, the Chief Governor of Oyo State, Mr. Seyi Makinde.”

The board warned health workers in the province to continue to work professionally and to comply with the law, and said they would not allow any wrongdoing to embarrass the public health sector.

“The Board is now sending a stern warning to health workers in the public sector to arrest or face severe disciplinary action, as the Board’s leadership moves from counseling to disciplinary action.

“While the Board publicly recognizes those who are committed to their work, it will not stop fishing for bad eggs in the system,” the statement added.


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