Navy rescues 7 kidnap victims in Rivers state

kidnapped victims abducted along the Rivers / Bayelsa streets have been rescued by the Nigerian Navy.



NNS Pathfinder police commander in Port Harcourt, Commodore Suleiman Ibrahim told reporters on Tuesday, May 24, that the abduction of the victims was planned by one Victor Padi.

Giving an account of how the victims were rescued, Ibrahim said;


“On May 10, 2022, we had a horrific kidnapping incident when some passengers on a boat traveling from Bonny to Port Harcourt were abducted by robbers and taken to an unknown location. As soon as the information reached us, we met and began searching for the real culprits.

“After a series of investigations it was discovered that one Victor Padi was the mastermind behind the crime. From there, we moved and stormed his camp, but unfortunately by the time we reached the camp, he had already released his victims. After several collaborations with other colleagues, we found out that he had relocated to an area in Bayelsa Province.

“We soon reunited from Rivers district and worked with our base in Bayelsa and raided the camp where he took the victims again. He shook them again because he understood the place so well.


“When we got to the second place we pressed him and an announcement was made to his colleagues and as God would do on the 21st of midnight May, 2022, the victims were rescued unharmed.”

The military commander also said that Nigerian military forces had closed two concentration camps in captivity and that efforts to apprehend him were high.

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Ibrahim, who said the rescued victims would be handed over to their families after a thorough medical examination, assured Rivers State residents who were passing through the water safely, adding that the Nigerian Navy would continue with the police. water so that residents can do their legal business.



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