Lagos Taskforce intends to crush 2,228 motorcycles following a ban on okada

The Lagos State Taskforce on Thursday,June 2,

said it would smash 2,228 seized motorcycles,

known as okada, to serve as a barrier to others.

Taskforce chairman CSP Shola Jejeloye said the motorcycles

would be repaired on Friday, June 3.
This comes after the national government imposed a ban

on commercial motorcycles by six local governments

in the province after a sound engineer was attacked by motorcyclists in Lekki, Lagos.

Jejeloye, a spokesman for Oshodi, said that although the center had been involved in cycling,

it would continue to intensify efforts to ensure that all

arrested okadas were crushed after the proper procedures were followed.

The chairman said the rules were too clear for Okada drivers

to see that their actions were in complete violation of State transport rules

that “no two people should ride, drive or drive a motorcycle or a tricycle on a highway.
he committed a crime and will be prosecuted. ”

CSP Jejeloye added that the organisation’s efforts have doubled since the June 1 ban.

He added that although the level of compliance was very high and encouraging, okada operators should not be trusted.

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“Their approach is similar to that of gorilla warriors – when we retreat, they advance, and as we move forward, they retreat, but the enforcement ban still exists. on our roads, ”he said.

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