JUST IN: Southern govs hail northern colleagues on power shift, commend Badaru

The Southern Nigeria Governors ’Forum has congratulated the decision of 10 governors from the North in support of the transition to the southern region by 2023.
Excited Southern rulers announced their position in a statement by their chairman, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, at SAN, on Saturday.
They also praised the Governor of Jigawa Province, Abubakar Badaru, who withdrew after the northern rulers declared the 2023 presidency.
The OUNCH had reported that APC rulers from the northern part of the country supported the transfer of power to the South.
The decision was taken at a tribunal meeting on Saturday night in Abuja.
The Northern rulers also demanded that those who wanted to leave the northern region withdraw.
“Therefore, we wish to strongly commend President Muhammad Buhari that the search for his successor as President of the APC is limited to our people from the South.
“We urge all those who want to enter the Northern Province to withdraw from the country’s interests and allow only those who want to come from the south to advance to the primaries. We are pleased with the decision of our esteemed colleague, the Honorable Abubakar Badru, to participate in this patriotic campaign by withdrawing his presidential bid, ”read a statement issued by the northern rulers
In response, the governor of the south said he welcomed the news of the decision of the 1o rulers of the Northern Region.
A statement from the Southern rulers states, “We did not expect anything short of this heartbreaking decision from our allies, great allies and loyal allies in the concerted efforts to achieve our national identity.
“This is truly another milestone in our quest for understanding, intimacy and ongoing dialogue for the benefit of both. We acknowledge this courageous state of equality and moral righteousness. We applaud the zeal and determination of the brothers to share in a practical and honest way.
“We salute this extraordinary decision to address the issues of anti-apartheid marginalization. Through this initiative, we are confident of the integrity of our partners to meet other patriots in ensuring that the rising march towards stability, progress and prosperity is not unnecessarily reduced.
“We congratulate my brother Emperor, Abubakar Badaru, for his exemplary conduct. Generations will remember him well. We thank the leadership of the Northern Governors ’Forum for the patriotic fervor shown at this important time. We look forward to holding a consistent Conference that will culminate in the selection of the right person to raise the party’s flag with a sense of urgency.

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