Jonathan is not an APC member – National Vice Chairman

The National Deputy Chairperson of the North-West of All Progressives Congress, Salihu Lukman, said former President Goodluck Jonathan was not a member of the ruling party.

In an interview with Punch, Lukman said the news of Jonathan’s candidacy was shocking.

He said;

“I can tell you this soon. Jonathan is not a member of the APC about this group. This media coverage puzzles many of us. We do not even know if anyone bought the form in Jonathan’s name and we have closed the sale of the forms.

“All those allegations in the media, yes we know that everything can happen in this country. But with this group and some of us present with a critical framework, that will not happen.

“You can quote me from what I said would not happen. Anyone who talks about it is talking nonsense. ”

When reminded that there were still senior members of the party and the presidency still determined to run in the election, Lukman revealed that he did not know.

He also added

“I do not know if the chairperson or any member of the National Working Committee made such a statement. But where such a statement is made, it must have been in error. It does not happen.

“Jonathan is not a member of the APC as far as we know. Besides, our membership in a political party is no secret. Please feel free to quote me. ”

Lukman also debunked claim of the party settling for consensus, adding that the APC is willing to give every presidential aspirant a level playing field

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