I’m not an emperor by any chance – Gov Abiodun

Ogun state Governor Dapo Abiodun said he was not the real prime minister within 24 hours after the comments made by the All Progressives Congress president and national leader, Bola Tinubu.


Tinubu, on Thursday, while speaking to APC envoys in Ogun State, said Abiodun would not have been the ruler without him (Tinubu).

“Look at the one sitting behind me, Dapo, he would not be the ruler without my support,” Tinubu said.

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In a tweet posted on his verified Twitter page, @dabiodunMFR, the next day, Abiodun said he was not the governor and his office as governor of Ogun State was not a family legacy.

“I am not the King in any way and this is not my family’s legacy.

“I hold this position with confidence in all the people of this state and I have vowed to be fair, just and equitable and this is the most sincere agreement I can make between me and Almighty God,” Dapo said.


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