How I lost weight in one month with small effort

Weight-loss can be be very difficult at times especially when you over weighed, not withstanding everything is all about determination in today’s diary am going to be showing you how I lost weight in a month without excises

  1. Important of weight-loss
  2. How to lost some weight
  3. How to maintain your lost weight
  1. Important of weight-lost

So losing some weight at an early stage can help you a lot in your advanced age. If you are frequent with social media you will see lost of people in their 50s to 70s looking so sweet and hot, at some point we begin to admire them and wish we could be like them. But we’ve forgotten that it took them days of going days without food, frequent visit to the gym and commonly dieting.

a. So one of the reason it’s necessary is to look healthy and young at old age.

b. It’s helps in conception if you looking to conceive this article is for you 

2. How to lose weight

So here am using myself as example sharing with you things I did as you can see from the pictures below the before and after of the outcome of my journey.

a. So first and foremost stop eating late don’t eat past 7pm as to enable your food digest before dawn

b. Cut down on sugary things (very important for TTC mom

C. Try go a month without anything made from flour butter and other related stuff

d. For a month try make Water your favourite liquid

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3. How to maintain your Wieght

Just adhere to everything in no 2 and thank me later. Doing away with unwanted body Luggage boost confidence Makes you comfortable among your peers, it also makes you smart in your day to day activities.

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