How Nigerians/Africans Can Get Scholarship in the USA Easily In 2024

How Can a Nigerian Get a Scholarship in the USA?

As a Nigerian student interested in studying in the USA, you might be wondering, how can a Nigerian get scholarships in the USA? Well, read this article to the end to find out. 


Scholarships play a pivotal role in enabling Nigerian students to pursue higher education in the USA. Not only do they alleviate the financial burden, but they also offer the opportunity for cultural enrichment and academic excellence. 

The United States offers a plethora of scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students, and with the right guidance and preparation, these opportunities can be within reach. 

In this article, we will explore the process of securing scholarships in the USA for Nigerian students. We will also talk about the challenges Nigerian students face in acquiring scholarships in the USA and solutions to them. Keep reading!


How Can a Nigerian Get a Scholarship in the USA?

So how can a Nigerian get a scholarship in the USA? Well, securing a scholarship in the USA as a Nigerian student can be daunting but it can also be an exciting and rewarding journey. 

Here are some steps to guide you:

1. Research Scholarships Offered in the USA 


When seeking scholarships, it is essential to explore various databases and websites. 


Students can utilize national scholarship database search websites such as,,, and U.S. News Scholarship Finder to find different types of scholarships. 

By exploring these resources, Nigerian students can identify and apply for scholarships that align with their academic and professional goals.

2. Understand the Eligibility Criteria

It is important as a Nigerian student to review the eligibility criteria of the scholarship you want to apply for. 

Keep in mind that different scholarships have their own specific criteria, so it’s crucial to understand the details before applying.

When understanding the eligibility criteria for scholarships to study in the USA, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Academic Requirements: Scholarships often require applicants to have a strong academic record, with a high GPA (Grade Point Average).
  • English Language Proficiency: As English is the primary language of instruction in the USA, international students must demonstrate proficiency in English through standardized test scores (TOEFL or IELTS).
  • Extracurricular Achievements: Many scholarships are awarded based on students’ involvement in extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, or community service.
  • Financial Need and Background: Some scholarships are specifically designed to support students with financial needs, while others may have a specific cultural or geographical focus.


3. Have the Required Documents

Nigerian students need to review the specific requirements of each scholarship they apply for and ensure they have all the necessary documents. Missing documents can lead to disqualification, so it’s crucial to stay organized.

To have the required documents for a scholarship application to study in the USA, Nigerian students should consider the following:


  • Academic Scores: Applicants must provide academic transcripts and certificates to demonstrate their academic achievements.
  • Standardized Test Scores: Applicants must provide standardized test scores such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or IELTS.
  • Photo ID/Passport: Applicants must provide a valid photo ID or passport.
  • Language Proficiency Proof: Applicants must provide proof of English language proficiency through standardized test scores such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Motivation Letter/Statement of Purpose: Applicants must provide a motivation letter or statement of purpose that explains their academic and career goals, why they are interested in the scholarship, and how it will help them achieve their goals.
  • Recommendation Letters: Applicants must provide recommendation letters from teachers, professors, or employers that attest to their academic and personal qualities.
  • Financial Need and Background: Some scholarships require applicants to provide proof of financial need and background, such as income statements or tax returns.

4. Be Conversant With the Application Process


Nigerian students should be conversant with the application process of the scholarship they are applying for. 

To be conversant with the application process for scholarships to study in the USA, Nigerian students should follow a step-by-step guide tailored to scholarship applications. 

This includes researching scholarships, preparing application documents, checking eligibility criteria, submitting applications, adhering to deadlines, monitoring application status, and preparing for interviews if applicable. 

Adhering to specific scholarship application processes and deadlines is crucial for a successful application and increases the chances of securing scholarships to study in the USA.

Challenges Nigerian Students Face in Acquiring USA Scholarships and Their Solutions


Nigerian students face several challenges in acquiring scholarships to study in the USA, including limited access to information, financial constraints, competition, and visa and immigration hurdles. 

However, some solutions can be used to address these challenges such as increasing awareness about available scholarships and how to access them can help address the issue of limited information. 

Also, providing financial aid and support services to assist students with the costs associated with applying for and studying in the USA can help alleviate financial constraints. 

Lastly, providing resources and support to help students understand and navigate the visa and immigration process can help alleviate concerns and challenges related to this aspect of studying in the USA.


Additional Resources That Can Help Nigerian Students Get Scholarships in the USA


There are resources that offer valuable information and guidance on the various scholarships available for Nigerian students to study in the USA, helping them navigate the application process and pursue their academic aspirations. 

Here are some additional resources that can help Nigerian students secure scholarships to study in the USA:

Boost Education Service

The Boost Education Service website lists scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students to study abroad in the USA. 

It highlights international student scholarships and those specifically available for Nigerian students, such as the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, the Gates Cambridge Scholarships, and the Schwarzman Scholarship programs. 

The site also mentions that many universities and colleges abroad offer scholarships to international students, including those from Nigeria.


Amber Student

Amber Student provides a guide to scholarships in the USA for Nigerian students, listing the Fulbright Foreign Student Program and the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program as two of the best scholarships available. 

The guide offers details on the eligibility criteria and the benefits covered by each scholarship, as well as tips on how to apply for scholarships in the USA.


Association of Nigerian Scholars in America (ANSA)

ANSA offers diverse resources and support for Nigerian students seeking scholarships to study in the USA. 

The organization provides information on external funding opportunities, including scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid programs that Nigerian students may be eligible for. 

ANSA also offers mentorship and networking opportunities for Nigerian students.


After School Africa

The After School Africa website discusses the importance of scholarships for international students, including those from Nigeria, and the significant amount of financial aid and scholarships awarded to Nigerian students studying in the USA. 

It emphasizes the various scholarship opportunities available for international students and the importance of financial aid in supporting their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a first-generation Nigerian-American for scholarship purposes?

The definition of a first-generation Nigerian-American for scholarship purposes may vary depending on the scholarship. For example, the AIA scholarship defines a first-generation Nigerian-American as someone whose parents were born in Nigeria and who was born in the USA.


Are there any resources available for studying past scholarship questions and answers?

Yes, there are resources available for studying past scholarship questions and answers. These can be found online, including on websites like Studocu, Scribd, and FlashLearners.


What are some tips for increasing the chances of receiving a scholarship to study in the USA?

Some tips for increasing the chances of receiving a scholarship to study in the USA include researching available scholarships, meeting the eligibility criteria, submitting a strong application, starting the application process early, and following all instructions carefully. 


The pursuit of scholarships in the USA is a rewarding endeavor for Nigerian students. By diligently researching opportunities, understanding the application process, and preparing for the transition, Nigerian students can position themselves for success in securing scholarships and fulfilling their academic aspirations in the USA.


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