FG unwilling to tackle terrorists, says gov Ortom.

The governor of the Benue region, Samuel Ortom, has told the international community that the State Government is not prepared to use a major weapon against deadly terrorist groups.

He called on the international community to put pressure on the State Government to address the ongoing acts of terrorism perpetrated by armed pastors in the country without religious or racial bias.

According to a statement signed by the Secretary-General of the Media, Nathaniel Ikyur, Ortom made the complaint during an interview with the United Kingdom Parliaments All Party Parliamentary Group on Freedom of Religion and Beliefs at Benue State Governor’s Lodge, Asokoro, Abuja.

The statement read in part, “The Governor-General said that as a multi-religious (multi-ethnic) country, the State Government, which is responsible for ensuring that human rights as enshrined in the Constitution are protected, should take the work seriously.

“According to Governor Ortom, the failure of the coalition government to act quickly to curb the proliferation of terrorist attacks on South African communities for many years now by Islamic extremists with the sole purpose of seizing the country must be eradicated.

“He pointed out that the appointment of these suspected Boko Haram supporters to headquarters, the merger of converted members of the armed forces and the failure of the government to arrest and prosecute terrorist pastors also confirmed the government’s co-operation.

“It is important that in order for national unity, solidarity, peaceful coexistence and the promotion of development, human rights and freedoms must also be respected by the Government of Nigeria, which is why there is a need for the international community to intervene by putting pressure on us,” he said. for the government to do the right thing.

“Governor Ortom also told visiting Parliamentarians that as a result of these terrorist activities, more than 1.5 million people have been deported from their ancestral lands and billions of naira lands have been destroyed in Benue State as a result of attacks.

“He called for the need for rehabilitation and rehabilitation of IDPs in the homes of their ancestors and the payment of full compensation to the victims.

“In response, the team leader and Member of the Irish Parliament, Mr. Jim Shannon, thanked Governor Ortom for giving the team a full understanding of the issues that were guaranteed to present his case to the appropriate department at home to get the best results. .

“In their separate remarks, Brendan O’Hara of the House of Commons and Rachel Miner, who acknowledged that the religious crisis in Nigeria was worsening, said they would continue to talk to the government, religious leaders and civil society for change. ”

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