Ekweremadu drops gov ambition, declares support for PDP candidate, Mba

Former Vice President of the Senate, Prof Ike Ekweremadu, on Thursday, finally withdrew from the 2023 governance contest in Enugu Province.


Ekweremadu stated this in a statement entitled, “Time to meet; I’m Enugu ”, published in The News on Thursday.

The lawyer said he had made the decision after extensive discussions with senior members of the Peoples Democratic Party and friends and dignitaries across the country and beyond.

He said, “My dear friends, colleagues, and best wishes, I know you were waiting to hear from me. You have expressed yourselves to me individually and by sharing your readiness to take a long journey with me to achieve our vision for any field. I have thought deeply about everything about good history, including my political history, and the need for the unity and peace of our state. No sacrifice will be too great. So, I have come to a conclusion. Please be patient with me if my decision does not meet your needs. I have called upon your understanding. ”


“After extensive consultation with the elders of our group as well as with esteemed friends and respected elders throughout the country and beyond;

“After a long look and reflection on our contributions to the development of the PDP;

“After considering the current state of security in the Southeast region and the need not to risk anyone with a hot political climate, as my wish is not worthy of the life of any son or daughter of Enugu;

“After considering that the things that unite us like Ndi Enugu will eventually surpass the current craft;


“After receiving confirmation from our party’s gubernatorial candidate, Barr. Peter Mba, that he will incorporate the “Road to the New Enugu Region” into his program and his assurances of universal participation in his campaign team and in government;

“I, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, am currently officially withdrawing from the 2023 celebrations in Enugu Province. Congratulations to Barr. Peter Mba and we wish him success.

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