Cabin crew: NCAA to audit foreign airlines on employment of Nigerians

The Chairperson of the House of Representatives on Air Transport, the Honorable Nnolim Nnaji, said foreign airlines operating in the country would be audited in an effort to determine how many Nigerians employed as their cabinet staff and technicians (pilots and engineers).

Nnaji said a study would be conducted by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, adding, “if it is found that Nigeria is being altered in any way, we will not allow it.”


The chairman of the committee also ordered foreign airlines to hire Nigerians as workers.

Naji, who disclosed this in a statement in Abuja, said, “Parliament would be interested in getting a percentage of their tickets sold by local tourism representatives and any commission.”


He noted that the country had made a significant contribution to the aviation industry by invading the Nigerian tourism market, which they should retaliate by including traditional pilots, engineers and licensed cabinet staff in their technical staff.

“Many foreign airlines are given a lot of entry points so as representatives of the people we will be interested to know how such actions reflect our economy and the workforce.

“It is equally important that we know the percentage of their tickets sold by local agents to ensure that the findings of other climes are similar here,” Nanaji emphasized.


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