BREAKING: Peter Obi Support Group Urge INEC to Extend PVC collection deadline.

Peter Obi’s 17-member coalition on Friday warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (IEC) of evicting millions of Nigerians ahead of the 2023 general election.

The organization also called on INEC to extend the deadline for the collection of Permanent Voter Cards.

The CPO, which has launched a major voter education campaign, supports citizens to register and collect their PVC online and at various INEC offices, saying “reports across the country show that INEC does not have the capacity to register millions of Nigerians, especially young people with grievances. that Nigerians spend many hours waiting to be abducted ”.

The CPO in a statement by its Chairman, Marcel Ngogbehei, encouraged its members to start voter education, provide clear information on PVC registration and support planning to distribute millions of PVCs currently held by INEC.

He listed the various groups that participated in the voter awareness program and called on the community to volunteer or donate money and property, adding that this is a collective effort.

Ngogbehei lamented the attitude of some INEC staff in various provinces, but also commended the dedication of its staff in many areas.

He said, “The CPO estimates that one INEC machine can register only one person in 10 minutes, which is an average of 900 people per month. Therefore, the INEC dual-two Local Government Area can only register 1800 people per month if it operates 100 percent, but at the current rate, INEC requires four years of continuous voter registration to hold millions of eligible Nigerians.

“INEC is informed to expand its operations, establish mobile registration centers, deploy registration centers in densely populated areas such as markets, work with market leaders to promote PVC collections, send messages to voters in their PVC collections, and allow people to book. online in PVC collections and consider adults aged 80 or 90 with mobility challenges.

“INEC must now begin to consider its stakeholders and implement strategies that will provide a better number of customers, unless it aims to exclude millions of Nigerians who are eager to exercise their civil rights in national elections.

“The commission must do all it can to take care of the thousands of people who are currently dying trying to register at various locations or otherwise, increase their workload and extend the deadline by 6 months.

“The people of Nigeria must be given the opportunity to express their civil rights at this critical time in the history of our nation. As a coalition of Peter Obi’s presidential aspirations, we have embarked on voter education, PVC registration and support to spread PVC throughout the country and urge the public to support the various parties. ”

Ngogbehei has been named on the Peter Obi Support Group as well as Peter Obi Support Network; According to Peter Obi; Nigeria Needs Peter Obi; TakeBackNaija; Women of Peter Obi; Friends of Peter Obi; Peter Obi FC; Peter Obi Movement for President and Peter Obi Candidacy Movement.

Others are Peter Obi’s ambassadors; OHO Team; Nigerian Diasporas by Peter Obi (USA); Peter Obi National Authority; Peter Obi of Good Governance; YES Peter Obi Support Group; Peter Obi in the RESCUE team and Nigeria Units for Peter Obi.

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