Blasphemy: Our children will never go to school again, says Deborah’s parents

Oladeji made the remarks as Deborah’s mother, Aileri Emmanuel, in an interview with The media, said she would not send her remaining seven children to school because of the brutal murder of her daughter, Oladeji said the incident was proof that

that Nigeria deserved it. have not been removed from the US list of countries that violate religious freedom.

The pastor noted that International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan had visited the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (back), about a week ago and had failed to visit victims of religious violence despite a CAN letter from him to do so.

He said if the CAN warnings were taken seriously, the killing of Christians in the North would be a thing of the past.

Oladeji added, “The incident has just happened, so we will be taking action on time. Rest assured that peaceful protests will be just the beginning. We will take all available steps to attract international attention to what is happening in Nigeria.

“If it comes to going to the ICC, we will do it. If it involves going to the United Nations, we will do it. We will not stop. This is what we said when the US removed Nigeria from the list of religious extremists. CAN is the voice of a speechless person. Unfortunately, when we shout, people don’t listen until things like this happen.

“When a woman was killed in Kano, we cried but no one listened. When a preacher was killed in Kubwa, we cried but no one listened. If you refuse to cry, this murder will continue. ”

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