Atiku lists ‘national security seven-point agenda’

A candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party presidential election in the 2023 general election, Atiku Abubakar, on Monday, said national security would be the goal of his administration.

The former Vice President said this in a series of tweets posted on his verified Twitter page, @atiku, on Monday.


Atiku’s tweets also contain what he calls the “National Security 7-point Agenda.”

“National security will be a key element of my administration. This is because a secure country is critical to the success of the entire sector of our nation. To get us there we have to be smart and safe, this is what we will do: -AA, ”wrote Atiku.


Counting on his seven-point national security agenda, Atiku wrote on Twitter:

“# 1: Ensuring the safety of life and property and the dignity of the people of Nigeria through the reorganization and development of financial support for our security agencies and the training of security personnel.

“# 2: Restoring the eligibility and efficiency of the recruitment, appointment and promotion process to those who develop safety clothing and its existing rules and regulations.


“# 3: Applying a Presidential Special Social Action to Our Security Forces.

“# 4: Increasing the number of security personnel to meet the security needs of more than 200 million Nigerians. We will undertake a systematic and targeted operation to recruit up to one million personnel in the police force, to address current security challenges and meet the UN police capability ratio of 1: 450.

“# 5: Using strategic collaboration tools with government and non-government actors in conflict theaters.


“# 6: Improving police-community relations to build trust and confidence as an effective crime prevention and control strategy.

“# 7: Facilitating the operations and operation of security assets such as the NSCDC, FRSC, among others to promote co-operation, and to share intelligence to make it more efficient.”

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