APC Presidential Primary: We must choose someone that‘ll give us victory – President Buhari urge members

Prior to its inauguration, President Buhari called on members of the All Progressives Congress to introduce a candidate who will give the party a sense of victory and confidence in the 2023 presidential election.

The President presented the case when he met with party leadership and elected officials at the APC platform in his post today May 31st.


A statement issued by the Special Adviser to the President of Media and Public Affairs, Femi Adesina, quoted the President as saying.

“The process of the 2023 National Elections has begun in earnest and I recognize that the most successful political parties around the world have always relied on their internal co-operation and strong leadership to win big elections. Our party, the APC, will not be different, especially as we continue to use the system of a more developed nation. ”


The President has warned that he will use strong force in his ruling party during his final year in office to ensure that it remains strong and united so that it can retain power.

According to him

“As I embark on my final year of my second term as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and party leader, I see a strong need to provide strong leadership in the party under this transformation process and to ensure a systematic approach.


Such leadership is needed to keep the team strong and united. It is also necessary to improve our electoral resources by ensuring that it retains power in the institution, holds a large majority in the legislature and also receives an additional number of provinces.

In a few days, the party will be holding its own Conference of Primaries for the Presidential Flag Presidential Election in the 2023 National Elections. This is a very important process and its outcome should reflect the world, the good quality of the APC in terms of democracy, culture and leadership. ”

The President called on all Governors to “allow our interests to come together, to focus our attention on the ever-changing nature of our environment, the aspirations of our citizens and the international community. Our aim must be to win our party and our election must be one that will give Nigerians a sense of victory and confidence even before the election. ”


While ensuring that the consultation process will continue to ensure that all aspirants and stakeholders attend the conference, he stressed that it will also ensure that any concerns raised by various issues are properly managed, “and that our team emerges vigorously.”

Speaking on behalf of the provincial governors, Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State, and chairman of the Progressive Governors Forum said the party should build on the success of its recent elective conference, as well as the primaries held so far, “and come up with a candidate. follow in the footsteps of patriotism and patriotism, which the President has shown, ”he added:“ We will support Mr President to have a successful conference.

Buhari and malami departs to Spain amiss APC presidential screening.


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