2023: Buhari, Osinbajo, the consensus debate

The handwriting may have been boldly written on the wall, but it would require a keen mind to interpret the signs as Nigeria marches toward the 2023 presidential election. One thing that has seemed a mystery to many political observers and critics is the uncertainty of the president, Muhammadu Buhari; the president holding on to his chest decides who should take the reins. Even his closest colleagues and members of the kitchen cabinet seem to have no idea what the president is thinking or who will elect him.

However, it has become clear that President Muhammadu Buhari wants to leave the legacy by choosing a successor. His attitude and speeches have shown that he will choose someone who will be widely and easily accepted by all Nigerians and someone who has demonstrated a commitment to the nation and political party, the APC. Another thing the president has not shown by his body is that he is not willing to bring in a replacement who is responsible for moral and legal deterioration, a person with a bad public opinion, and a person with a history of racism, myopia, and a small mind. President Buhari has shown by his words and deeds that he does not want a future president who will not have international acceptance or who will have questions and uncertainties about his past.

In his recent meeting with the APC governors and other key party stakeholders, the president was quoted as saying, “In line with the party’s internal internal policies and as we approach the meeting in a few days, therefore, I wish to request the support and support of governors and other stakeholders in electing my successor. , who will fly our party flag for election to the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023. ”

These comments have generated mixed reactions within the party even among non-party members wishing to know the direction of the presidential election, and who to vote among those wishing to be under the APC. While some say they will oppose the idea of ​​running in the by-elections, others believe and still insist that the party’s decision will remain the highest in any situation. And the president as party leader has been given the authority to give the party the go-ahead because it understands the needs of the office he currently holds.

Some have argued that those who question the president’s right or entitlement to have a say in who they are will undermine the President’s right to nominate a successor and deprive the party of the opportunity to increase the presidential grace that is still enjoyed throughout the country. . That interest is transferable and can only be obtained from whomever the president gives it.

The President called for a widely accepted APC candidate who has a brand in all parts of Nigeria and adheres to the APC philosophy. The president wants a capable hand that can win the votes of the Nigerian people at all regional, religious, and political levels, which will give Nigerians a sense of victory. He has asked for the support of the Management, and while many will want to interpret the president’s status as a memorization of the most elected, others have interpreted it differently. No matter how interpreted the president’s speech may seem, it is clear that Nigeria is looking for a president with a broad and broad vision of acceptance.

In the case of governors and other key party stakeholders, including members of the APC National Working Committee, it would make sense for them to allow him to nominate a successor as the president withheld 12 million votes nationwide is likely. goes to the one nominated by the president.

While there is a strong public perception that the government has not acted properly in view of the challenges posed by inherited heritage and a damaged economy, it is important to note that investing in infrastructure such as roads and railways will bring long-term benefits. Some of the infrastructure projects under President Buhari’s administration are heritage projects that need to be further developed and strengthened to make them more efficient. In this regard, the president deliberately empowered his deputy, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, to be the anchor of some of the legacy projects. The Deputy President chairs the National Economic Council where national development programs are being developed.

As an active colleague, the vice president was in the middle of the game, and he is the one who has the best chance of completing what the president has started. As an active, quiet, and supportive person in the processes and activities of this administration, the vice president is aware of all the details and plans of certain Buhari administration. Therefore, you are in a very good position to continue using existing projects, programs and much more. In addition, the vice-president is highly knowledgeable, innovative, and well-versed and well-versed in the digital age. For example, his knowledge of digital technology styles around the world was fully evident during his visit to Silicon Valley, USA.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo has a strong academic background and practical ability to initiate and transform change as an expert in the sphere of government and in the public service. His descendants speak of beauty and ability, his character is not tainted, and his achievements are not directed to personal gain but to the benefit of the nation and to the service of the country. His undivided health integrity to his principal and healthy relationship between them is partly due to the high moral standards they both share.

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