The Social Democratic Party on Monday slammed the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (seated.), For failing to deliver on his promise to secure free and fair elections in Nigeria.

The party said the president should ensure that the parties played the same way during the Ekiti State governance elections.

The SDP also hit hard on Buhari by boasting that the All Progressive Congress would win the next general election in Ekiti State, warning that it could affect the overall integrity of the entire electoral process.

The party’s National Chairman, Shehu Gaban, made the remarks in Abuja during the launch of the Organizing Committee of the Party ahead of its first presidential election scheduled for June 8.

Other committee members include Drs. Olu Agunloye (secretary); Ibrahim Modibo (Deputy Chairperson); Drs. Umar Ardo, Nseobong Akpabio, Emmanuel Ojukwu, Saadatu Abdullahi, Maggie Batubo, Alkali Mohammed and Gift Wada.

Gaban said a committee headed by former Ekiti regional governor and incumbent Chief Segun Oni would convene a meeting to nominate candidates for the presidency.

Responding to reporters’ questions, he said the President had failed in his promise to leave the people of Nigeria and the legacy of free and fair elections.

He said, “I am convinced that what the President said is a hindrance to the APC and not the SDP; the SDP will win the Ekiti State. Buhari has no right to interfere in other provinces and who becomes the ruler.

“Buhari has said more than ten times that he wants to leave a legacy of free and fair elections; so far that heritage has not been shown anywhere even within the APC. The problem with the APC is that there is a lack of transparency.

“For the President to say that, it is probably because we will not allow his party to run in Ekiti State. So far, they are not close to where we are in Ekiti State.”

Gaban added that they had written to the relevant authorities, including Buhari, to ensure free and fair elections in Ekiti State.

“We have written letters to the Nigerian Embassy, ​​INEC, and the President and Commander-in-Chief that anything lacking in transparency will not be tolerated. And Ekiti will be a litmus test for this same President who spoke of the legacy of free and fair elections.

“We have written a letter to him demanding that he ensure a free and fair election in Ekiti province. Because it is not about him; he is not the owner of Nigeria.

Gabam said the SDP was guided by integrity, prudence, and prudence in electing committee members, adding that the upcoming conference would surpass others.

Oni, in his acceptance speech, said that in order for Nigerians to trust the democratic process, political parties must use internal democracy.

He said the people of Ekiti knew that the two main political parties were the same, adding that the SDP had been chosen as their alternative.

Oni said, “I have high hopes that we will forgive the expectations of the national working committee that unites us. We want to say that the country is ripe for things like this. We have seen democracy falter after so many years because its essence, its essence, is yet to be fully realized.

“Yes, we can all shout democracy! democracy but in reality how many parties practice democracy within and that is where we start.

“We believe that the democracy that goes to the market must be prepared by us first before we can bring it out and that is why this work is so important.

“It must be clear and flawless and we must give hope to everyone, members and non-members that this is a new Nigeria,” Oni said.

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