We’re helpless, abducted train passengers’ families lament

The families of the Abuja-Kaduna train passengers abducted on Tuesday lamented their plight as they were not in a position to meet the demands of the criminals who kept their loved ones in custody since March 28.

They therefore requested the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (seated.), To intervene in the matter to ensure the safe return of the abducted passengers.


The family leader, under the umbrella of AK-9 Abuja-Kaduna Train Kidnapped Passenger relatives, Baaba Mohammed, revealed this in an interview with our correspondent.

The Kaduna-Abuja train was attacked on March 28, killing at least eight people and capturing many more.


Their captors, who had asked the State Government to release some of their children from custody, as well as some of their superiors to change the victims, had released videos of the victims to press home their demands.

In a recent video released by the terrorists, eight passengers were abducted.

Three of the victims’ spokespersons have called on the State Government and other well-meaning Nigerians to ensure that they are reunited with their families.


Mohammed said the latest video shows that further delays in rescuing victims may pose a danger to the hostages.

He said, “We call on the government that time is of the essence, we urge the government to take care of all those things. If you look at the bodies of those in the video you saw yesterday (Monday), you will see the need for urgency and I do not think we have time to drag our feet.

“The president must intervene directly. He must speak to the security services to understand that every moment he passes without taking action is dangerous to the lives of these people.


“We are also tired and very tired because nothing can be done that we did not do. We met with CDS, among other things. It seems that we have already used all the options available to us, and the only thing left is to keep calling on God. ”

Mohammed said the terrorist application had put families in a precarious position, adding that if they had had the means, they would have met them long ago.

He added, “Negotiations are not something that we as a family can bring. If you look at their needs, family members will not be able to look after their children even if we can track and find them and the terrorists assure them, we will not take them to the terrorists. ”

“Otherwise we would not have reached the position we are in now. We are still reaching out to Gunmi. The government has told us that they are in touch with and aware of the program and our main concern is to bring back our family members. ”

“The issue is that if we can help in any way we can to make this easier and the government is ready to get us involved, why not? But if you look at it, it’s beyond us. ”

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