Tweeps demand justice for lady sexually assaulted, beaten at Eko Hotels

The case follows allegations of sexual harassment of a woman, identified as Izzy, at Eko Hotels, Lagos State.

The victim reported having a bad experience at a hotel while waiting for an Uber driver.


According to him, an unknown man grabbed him by the thigh and punched him for reprimanding him for the act.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Izzy said, “I was waiting for Uber at a reception at Eko Hotels when a stranger passed by, touched me on the thigh and said ‘hey wassup’ and then I got angry and told him he didn’t deserve it.


“I chased him away; after telling him this, he comes back to me and slaps me in the face because of the weight of my suspicions and the truth.

“We had an argument and he left! I filed a complaint and asked to take CCTV footage of the incident! All in all, this land is a shit #ekohotels #lagos #nigeria. If you see me running out of time you will know it is because I can no longer cope. ”

When contacted by telephone, the hotel official said the incident would be investigated.


An official who answered the reporter’s call said, “This is news to me. This is the first time I have heard of it. We will investigate and get back to you. ”

The official declined to give his name, saying he should be quoted anonymously.

However, many Nigerians on Twitter demand justice for the woman, urging the hotel to make CCTV footage available.


Chinny-San @kilonpop said, “An argument broke out and the security forces and Eko Hotel staff let him go !!! Good! This just went inside. It’s sad! ”

Dr A.K @Drwisephool said, “This is sad and heartbreaking, it bothers my heart that a woman has to deal with this kind of attack and beating for no reason.

“It must not be smooth, otherwise the abuser will continue in this way of taking other women.

“I would suggest that you report to the appropriate authorities to handle this case, with such authorization, a CCTV record can be obtained and the attacker identified and at least placed in a checkpoint to be arrested. It really broke my heart! ”

Kieran Chiebuka @KieranChiebuka advised “Can you sue Eko Hotels, just sign up for an active lawyer to resurrect them? Is there no security at the entrance, no exit at the outer gate to stop the criminal? ”

Ikjunior @ Ikjunior4 said, “I do not understand this… Eko Hotels should have security, how come they did nothing about it ?? Why should you request photos of your beating? You should also lodge a complaint against the hotel. ”

Tunde @tunde_fernandes added, “Is there no way hotel management and security can help justice? There has to be a way. This is a good place to start. Apologizing will not make or break a sexual relationship.

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