Ekiti State nullifies installation of monarch, to punish perpetrators

The Ekiti District Government has rejected the nomination of one Stephen Ajayi as Obanla of Ipao Ekiti to replace the country’s Ikole Local Government.

The Deputy Governor, Bisi Egbeyemi, stated that the appointment was aimed at violating the rules governing the nomination, election and appointment of amakhosi to the government, adding that full legal action would be taken against those who applied for the appointments. the candidate who sent them to be installed.


Egbeyemi, according to a statement from his Special Media Assistant, Odune Ogunmola, entitled, ‘Ekiti overturns the illegal installation of Obanla of Ipao Ipao’ said, no effect.

He said “Ajayi’s illegal incarceration as Obanla of Ipao Ekiti took place on November 12, 2021, and again on May 18, 2022, making it the second such act without the knowledge, permission, and consent of the state government.”


He said, “This government was set up to enforce the law and will not watch and allow certain people to break the law and put any part of the state into chaos. It no longer works as usual, the law will deal with this situation. All those involved in the illegal installation in Ipao Ekiti will have their day and law.

“The Ekiti District Chiefs Act is rare when it comes to the introduction of Oba without proper procedure and the authority of the national government. The law imposed a penalty on anyone who filed Oba outside the jurisdiction of the national government and anyone who submitted to Oba illegally, ”he stated.

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