Teenage girl escapes from captivity after being abducted by alleged suitor in Kaduna


The Kaduna State Hisbah Board has rescued a girl, Sadiya Musa, who was abducted by a man who claimed to be her lover in the Rigasa area of ​​the province.

The victim was reportedly between 13-16 years old and went missing on Thursday, May 19, 2022, when her mother sent her to buy henna ingredients from 7-8pm.

Hisbah official Abu Tukur Batagaraws, who confirmed the incident in a statement on Saturday, said that when Sadiya arrived at his destination, a beggar (name withheld) abducted him and locked him in an unknown location.


“Sadiya was able to escape after spending a day in custody and was later found by Hisbah (SCSN) staff returning her to her family in Yan kifi Rigasa, Kaduna after an investigation into her whereabouts,” the statement read.

Hisbah (SCSN) commander in charge of the U / Sanusi Kaduna metropolitan, Alasan Abdullah Abubakar, said efforts were being made to arrest the suspect.

“One of her family members (the elderly woman) revealed that they could not eat all day and sleep after Sadiya did not return home that day. The militant fled but security forces intervened to get her out of court.” he said.


Meanwhile, the Hisbah Commander (SCSN) of U / Sanusi has urged parents to be vigilant and stop sending their children to certain activities at night.

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