Vladimir Putin threatens to strike ‘new targets’ if US continues supplying long range missiles to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to attack “new targets” when the United States supplies Ukraine with long-range missiles, according to Russian state media. According to Putin, the delivery ofnew weapons to Kyiv is solely aimed at “delaying armed conflict as much as possible,” Putin said in an interview with television channel Rossiya1. .. Regarding … Read more

President Putin loses two more colonels in Ukraine including his ‘best paratroop commander’ as death toll among the high ranks hits 48

Russian President Vladimir Putin has lost two more colonies, including the ‘paratroop regime’ after the assassination in the Russian war in Ukraine.   Lieutenant colonel Alexander Dosyagayev, 34, was the commander of the 104th paratrooper regiment.   The soldiers of his 104 air force were reportedly in Bucha, the scene of the alleged rape and … Read more