Stop killings if you want Kanu’s release, IPOB warns criminals

Native Biafran natives have warned those involved in the killings, kidnappings and crimes committed in the Southeast region to stop if they want Biafra liberation to be achieved.

The separatist group said those who claimed to be members of IPOB and others should understand that the enemy would benefit from the killings and insecurities in the Southeast in order to blow up the party and its peaceful spread.


It said specifically, “Anyone who wants our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to get out of the DSS pit and the attainment of Biafra freedom must stop engaging in ongoing crime in the Southeast.”

In a statement on Saturday, IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary Emma Powerful noted that most of the killings took place every few days before Kanu court dates, making it appear that the group had committed it.


Powerful said: “Biafras must pay attention to the time for these vicious and brutal acts of violence and murder. Our people and the international community must realize that most of these horrific murders took place a few days before the trial of our leader.

For example, a military couple, a member of an assembly, a pregnant Hausa woman. This killing could not have happened or done by IPOB. ”

While expressing its displeasure with the criminal activities, the group said its leader, Kanu wants anyone who wants his true freedom to stop all forms of crime in the region and ensure that he acts in accordance with the structure he has set up. location and joined them to further this struggle.


It also said the criminal acts would only prosecute Kanu and turn his people against him and the cause of Biafra, according to the party, is what the Nigerian government wants.

It pointed out that all true members of IPOB should focus on the struggle to liberate their people and not engage in crime of any kind and ensure that the world is peaceful and just.

The statement read in part, “Our people and those who claim to be members of IPOB must realize that the enemies will benefit from the killings and insecurities in South East in order to make IPOB and our peaceful unrest.


“These atrocities were committed by people who want to ensure that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu does not leave the DSS cell.

“Once again, this murder is intended to intimidate and demean judges who may be open to justice because our leader MNK has no case to answer to.

“The North enjoys the extravagance and crime that is taking place here but not the Igbos. Can you imagine how difficult it is to get our people out of jail or get their bail?

“Every time there is a genocide in Mpumalanga, our people are being killed in the North, some are stopped on the road, their vehicles are searched and killed. These things are usually not reported in the media in Nigeria.

“Remember that between 1967-1970, about five million people in Biafra were killed without cause. No one associating with the international community does anything about it. Let’s not play into the hands of our enemies because they also kill us little by little while we set IPOB to take a fall.

“They are currently working on government-sponsored murder cases to make IPOB a bad name. That is why immediately after the killings and the violence, there will be no investigation but the headlines will say this is caused by IPOB / ESN.

“You can confirm how the suspicious fingers pointed to IPOB like those who kidnapped a Methodist bishop without proper investigation because they hate the IPOB / ESN staff.

“IPOB does not have as much money or resources as the Nigerian government did to start the kind of propaganda the government is launching against IPOB.


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