Nigeria is off track on education – UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund  (UNICEF) has said Nigeria is no longer in line to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is quality education.

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The representative of the international institution, Saadhna Panday-Soobrayan, made the remarks yesterday, June 9, at the Transforming Education Summit organized by the National Commission of Universities in Abuja.



Soobrayan also claimed that the Coronavirus epidemic weakened Nigerian educational systems that already had a problem with poor access to quality education and low levels of shock.

She said;



“Additionally, frequent attacks on schools – including abduction of children, who should always be safe in school, has also resulted in prolonged school closures and is contributing to high rates of out of school children and low learning outcomes.”

The Minister of Education, Adam Adamu, said the development curriculum would focus on skills and entrepreneurship to improve graduate employment.

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