I’ll return Nigeria to rightful owners, jubilant Obi makes five promises

The former Governor of Anambra Region, Mr. Peter Obi, has promised to return Nigeria to its rightful owners after his appearance as the Labor Party’s presidential candidate.

Saying this in his welcome address received by our correspondent on Monday.


PUNCH reported that Obi had resigned from Labor after Prof. Pat Utomi and other candidates stepped down.

Obi promised to “protect Nigeria from all ramifications”, create jobs, lift people out of poverty, and create a new sense of nationalism and patriotism.


He also promised to put a high value on production, and unite the people of Nigeria.

Obi’s acceptance speech as a Labor candidate reads:

I thank the people of Nigeria; especially the members of the Labor Party who have gathered here from yesterday to participate in the election of the person who will fly the workers’ flag in the forthcoming national elections to elect the President of Nigeria.


History cries out. Nigerians still have the hope of rebirth nationally, which means returning Nigeria to the people of Nigeria – farmers, teachers and students, teachers, artisans, workers, pensioners and the more than 100 million poor Nigerians who are unsure of where their next food will come from.

Therefore, what you are doing today is a work of nationalism in the quest for the desired political freedom of our beloved country, which has been plagued by so many years of failure of so many leadership.

Sadly, our current ineffective system rewards unprecedented revenue and outstanding spending; allows university lecturers to stay on strike for months; keep our youth at home; and pensioners, who give of their patriotism and youthful energy to work for this country.


The disgusting difference is that those who are in turmoil – those who are chosen to take care of them – waste national money and live in wealth and as kings, spend dollars to buy envoys and houses around the world. Meanwhile, they owe a large debt to most of the staff, educators and retirees.

Yes, our country has been robbed of the power of regression. Almost zero in all indicators of development. As a result, our future, especially the youth and the unborn, has been shattered. We have become a laughingstock to other nations, including the African countries where we were respected.

As a representative group of workers and the masses of this great nation, we are an organized people working for our economic rebirth. As I have been appointed today, I humbly declare that the journey towards national liberation has begun.

I humbly note that this trip will be a group event that will require the co-operation of key stakeholders in our country, especially the youth, whose future has been severely damaged.

Therefore, thank you all and ask for your continued support in restoring Nigeria to the people of Nigeria from the power of bad leadership and regression. Such excellent service does not allow conscientious objectors to serve in the military.

I have never used military metaphors in political analysis because of my belief that politics is neither war nor war. However let me indulge a little here, the narrative we chase after the ancient battle of Thermopylae, where the Greek armies, recognizing the struggle for Greek life clung to great difficulties in defending their country.

In the struggle for Nigerian recapture, the problems are huge and seemingly insurmountable, but with our commitment, our patriotism and the understanding we have, which we must do for our country, lest he die, we will continue to be dissatisfied. for what it is and is focused on putting in the chair what it should be. By doing this, our battle cry will remain: get your PVC and be a part of this great freedom!

Our goal of governance will be twofold. Protect Nigeria in all its aspects: national security, human security, food security and addressing insecurity caused by unemployment.

We will also seek to unite our nation by lifting our people out of poverty and building a new sense of nationalism and patriotism. Nigeria will rise again: and its people will be proud to demand ownership of their sovereignty. Doing so is in the national interest.

Since I sincerely thank the people of Nigeria for their faith in me. In the coming days I will publish our manifesto of governance, which will clarify the essentials of our governance. Verily I say unto you, There is no district; the country, local government or community will be left behind.

I also assure you that the struggle continues and that victory is certainly an understanding towards the sure future of our youth and making this country a respected and active member of the 21st century, which places great importance on over-productivity.

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