FG Orders Resumption Of Abuja-Kaduna Train Service Weeks After Horrific Massacre And Kidnap

The coalition government on Monday, May 16, announced that the Abuja-Kaduna train would resume on May 23.

The announcement came just weeks after other passengers were abducted and killed by gunmen who attacked a train. Most of the captives are still in custody.


A spokesman for the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), Yakubu Mahmood, said the decision to restart resources did not mean efforts to secure the release of the hostages would be halted.

The NRC also said that alternative security measures were being put in place to increase security at train stations and on the road.


The statement read as follows;

“The government wishes to assure the relatives of the abducted citizens that the safe rescue of these passengers is a priority and not a bad start to the resumption of trains, such as rejection or negligence by the government in their plight.



“The State Government will never relinquish its responsibility to rescue these important citizens, however, the government confirms its decision not to succumb to the threats of any unscrupulous party.

“These measures are not only for the Abuja-Kaduna Train Service (AKTS) but also for all passenger train services especially on conventional railways.


“Therefore, commuters are urged to work with the NRC to promote improved service delivery, safety and comfort by patiently complying with additional measures that will surely be introduced to ensure the safety of our passengers, such as requesting passengers National Identity Numbers. (NIN) as part of our internal safety check. ”

The NRC said customers should present an Official Identity Identification Card (ID) and an accessible phone number of Next of Kin (NOK) or a close relative before boarding a train.

Online and offline ticket purchases should contain an individual passenger profile or identity data, the NRC added.


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