Do not copy the PDP, elect South, a Catholic priest pleads with the APC

The leader of the Catholic Church, the Reverend Evaristus Bassey, has called on the All Progressive Congress not to follow in the footsteps of the opposition People’s Democratic Party by electing a candidate for president in the South.

Bassey, Parish Administrator of St. Mary Pro-Cathedral, Calabar, said it was unfortunate that politicians in the north of the PDP had thrown their hats in the ring when it became clear that the presidency had to go to the southern region.


Former Deputy President Atiku Abubakar emerged as a PDP member in the 2023 presidential election in the Abuja primary election.

Atiku, originally from the North East, won the election after defeating his closest rival, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike,


371 votes against Wike’s 237 votes.

The pastor, in a statement on Monday, however, denied that Nigeria needed political reforms in order to maintain peace, saying there was no peace without justice.

According to him, it would be wrong and would be a policy of non-alignment and punishment, for the president to emerge from the Northern region after eight years in the administration of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retiring).


Bassey said, “The Nigerian Political Parties Conference should come together and agree that once a president has come out of a certain part of the country in a two-year period, the other half of the country should nominate the next president.

“After eight years of Buhari’s rule, it would not be fair and equitable with the politics of non-punishment, for the president to emerge from the northern region.

“It is unfortunate that the northern politicians have thrown their hats in the ring and it is clear that the presidency has to go to the southern region.


“Now that the PDP is already in the North, the ruling APC must maintain faith and separate the ticket to the South, and it would not be wrong if those who supported the party from the beginning felt they had the right to run for office.

“Politicians in this party must be close to each other and ensure that someone comes from South West, South East or South Africa.

“Nigerian youth and Nigerians of all ages should do well by breaking the chains of the top two parties and supporting loyal candidates from lesser-known parties to date.

“Spatial planning should not always be a matter of unity but should be included in the provinces. The office of governor, the National Assembly, and other central offices must be slightly divided between national structures for equality. To ensure that this comes out of our national constitution in the end, is a task that needs to be done. ”

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