Delta airlines launches $4b terminal at Dubai airport.

Delta celebrated its latest investment in New York by opening its new Term C at LaGuardia airport for customers.

Opened on June 4, 2022, the center is a milestone in the $ 4 billion program to transform and modernize one of the most important aircraft destinations.


Delta Chief Executive Officer, Ed Bastian; The Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and other New York government officials celebrated the milestone by unveiling the first entry, security and luggage application and the new Concourse E 10 gates with official ribbon. -Cutting event on Wednesday.

Bastian said, “Today marks a new beginning for Delta customers and staff in our LaGuardia area with the opening of this amazing new facility.”


He added, “It has been more than a decade since Delta committed to growth – and winning – in New York, and we have been steadfast in our efforts to become New York City Airlines. bn at New York airports since 2010, we have brought the right products and information to our New York customers, and we have become part of the New York building.

Delta has accelerated construction time during the violence to bring the facility to New York customers faster than expected.

The airline will completely complete the entire four-seat airport by the end of 2024, almost two years earlier than originally planned.


Eventually, Term C and D will be merged into one modern facility, comprising 1.3 million square feet and having 37 gates in all four stadiums.

According to the statement, Delta will continue to double its vision for the future of tourism, building future luxury, easy-to-navigate airports and part of an easy-to-connect trip, capable of attracting and supporting new technologies such as technology. it changes.

Recently, Delta also unveiled the completion of the first major phase of its $ 2.3B Sky Way at Los Angeles International Airport.


“The transformation of Whole New LaGuardia airport into a world-class beauty destination is an important part of our vision for a new era in New York,” Hochul said.

“The launch of Delta’s $ 4bn Term C will help provide quality passenger information, ease the dynamics and build of lasting emergence – and join the completed Term B which we celebrated a few months ago. Congratulations to all who made this historic day as we completed the construction of LaGuardia airport in New York. ”

Term C is designed to bring the efficiency and speed that New York travelers often need, allowing them to navigate to and from their gates quickly and accurately with the latest technology such as droppings, automatic access and Digital ID testing. skills.

Customers will have the option of entering through a wide, central, multi-service reception area with 36 service logs and 49 self-help products, or ignore it altogether and use the leave-to-navigation option to head directly to one of 11 security checkpoints. Additionally, all five entry points offer drop-offs for easy bag checking.

Terminal C is impressive in terms of its visual appeal, has a world-class art program in partnership with the Queens Museum, showcases six pieces of local artists who share the fascinating story of New York’s immigrant history, its people and the importance of city diversity.

Digital art is another outstanding design feature; with large digital art enclosed by 34 lenticular panels, displayed above the security checkpoint, while the 238-meter digital wall in the test area will have TSA waiting times, to find a way in both English and Spanish and Sky Club volume. and gate information

Concourse E is the second of four to be opened, with ten new gates, nine of which will be operational on the opening day, able to accommodate a variety of airplane aircraft and provide larger accommodation.

Delta’s long-time partner OTG will resurrect a variety of restaurants, including Bubby’s Diner.