Corruption now killing Nigeria under Buhari, says Melaye

Former Kogi West Senatorial Representative, Senator Dino Melaye, has criticized the war on corruption of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, saying that instead of killing corruption, corruption is now killing Nigeria.

Melaye, a member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, said in a statement released on Sunday that Buhari had failed in the Nigerian election in 2015.

The former lawyer, in a statement entitled, ‘The Long-Suffering Journey of the President Who Says We Must Kill Corruption, Before Corruption Kills Nigeria,’ cited a number of local and international reports and cases as citing government failures. anti-connectivity campaign.


In part, the statement read, “Nigerians will soon forget the words spoken by the President during his 2015 campaign, ‘We must eradicate corruption before corruption kills Nigeria.’ ; corruption kills Nigeria. ‘

“The worst thing is that we see this uncontrollable corruption under the President and the biggest selling point in his election was to control corruption. Hoping that Buhari was the Messiah as a former military dictator who had promised to fight corruption, Nigerians immediately voted for Jonathan to oust him and replaced him with Buhari, who worshiped him and promoted him to the demigod base, and sang the song ‘Sai Baba’. in every corner of the globe.


“But (far) today? Sadly! Buhari has failed, failing millions of Nigerians who believed in him in 2015. Today, the scandals of corruption from his government have never been more evident in the history of Nigeria. ”

Melaye said although the state was said to be quick to arrest and prosecute dissidents accused of corruption, “dullness, clay feet, hypocrisy, double face, and it is questionable to use the same drug on party members and other honest people. . ”

He added: “In conclusion, there is no evidence of any tangible results in the fight against national insecurity or corruption. Insecurity continues to ravage many communities in Nigeria, schools are still safe especially in some parts of the northeast, offices of electoral organizations and police agencies are targeted in Eastern countries, while kidnappings and kidnappings are rampant in the south-west as well as other districts.


“Nigeria’s performance in the Corruption Index released by Transparency International continues to decline. Our national ownership and collective wealth have been plundered and loaned under President Buhari.

“It is worrying that Nigerians may not have a country that we can call home after this less than a year now. Those who voted for Buhari, thinking they were installing an anti-corruption governor, are now the most disgruntled citizens, and the shock could only intensify as the legacy of corruption unfolds. We will continue to talk because in an unfair society peace is a crime.

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