Colorado car insurance coverage requirements

While each state has some form of mandatory guideline on car and auto insurance coverage, minimum limits vary from state to state, Colorado wont be exempted.


The following is a breakdown of the minimum liability requirements :

The below questions are all related to Colorado

Question: Is it required to have car insurance in Colorado?

Answer: YES


Question: What are the minimum requiremets ?


$25,000 bodily injury one person

$50,000 bodily injury one accident
$15,000 property damage per accident

What liability coverages must be offered ? Can a client reject them?

Bodily Injury and Property Damage must be offered and cannot be refused. Uninsured/Undercovered Motorist Bodily


Injury and Medical Pay must be offered, but may be declined.

How far back does Colorado go to look at violation history?

Three (3) years

What types of additional policies are offered ?

Broad Form Named Driver

Is an insurance rating used in my rating? If so, is it mandatory?

Yes, but opt-out is available as an option

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