Blasphemy: Police yet to arrest Abuja vigilante’s killer 48hrs after

The Abuja Police Force of Nigeria Police Force has not arrested the main suspect in the brutal murder of Ahmad Usman, 48 hours later.

Usman, 30, a resident of the Federal Capital Territory, was stoned to death and set on fire by a mob for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad and Allah, in the Lugbe area of ​​the country’s capital.


The suspect, whose name has not been released, according to police, is a Muslim cleric who also lives in Lugbe.

Hours after the incident, FCT police said they were investigating a murder that took place on Saturday.


“We understand that another 30-year-old Ahmad Usman who is a member of the Tippa Garage guard at Federal Housing Estate in the Lugbe area of ​​the Federal Capital Territory has had an altercation with a pastor (Mallam) whose name is not yet known. same place.

“A heated argument became the violence that led to the assassination and burning of Ahmad Usman by an angry mob incited by about 200 priests,” a police statement said in a statement obtained by Auntyamebo blog.

Our correspondent, however, has collected that members of a vigilant watchdog guarding the Timber-shed market on the Federal Housing Estate in Lugbe, Abuja arrested some who were patrolling the market on Saturday morning.


Residents reportedly appealed to his bodyguards to release them on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad and Allah, however Usman refused and allegedly uttered defamatory remarks, which led to the suspects attacking him and calling for more than a hundred. others stoned him before being burned.

Traders at the market who spoke to our reporter who requested anonymity also confirmed that the guard had been beaten and stoned before being set on fire.

Since the incident, citizens across the country, many of whom have taken to social media, have expressed outrage over the brutal killings.


Meanwhile, a reliable source inside the FCT Police Command, on Sunday, confirmed to our reporter that the police were about to arrest a identified Muslim priest or others among the crowd that pointed fingers at the murder.

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