Bamise:No justice,No peace family, friends protest in Lagos.

Bamise, protest

The family of the late Bamisa Ayanwole, a 22-year-old tailor, who was allegedly killed by a BRT driver in Lagos, took to the streets on Tuesday demanding justice from Bamisa.


They met in the Magodo area of ​​Lagos with banners labeled “Delayed Justice is Dangerous”, and “Imprisonment and Reconciliation with Nice Omininikoron Now.”

One of Bamisa’s deceased sisters, Titi Ayanwole, told the media, “We want to arrest all those involved in Bamisa’s death. Our fathers and mothers ask, that, whether the king or the president who was involved in the death of Bamisa, should be released.


Another sister, Ebunoluwa Ayanwole, who came out with her newborn baby, said, “I had to have surgery to give birth, I don’t have to go out now. If justice is not given to my sister, the Province of Lagos will not be able to keep peace. ”

“I was not able to give birth with a normal cut because of the impact my sister’s death had on me,” she told Newsmen.

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They point out that the government has the power to arrest all those involved, and they wonder why they are not doing so.


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