Apologise to families of kidnapped Abuja-Kaduna train passengers, Osun Rep tells FG

Advocate for the Ede-North / Ede-South / Egbedore / Ejigbo Federal Constituency at the Osun State House of Representatives, Bamidele Salam, said the coalition government should apologize to the families of abducted travelers in Abuja-Kaduna for not showing enough. he feels for them.

Auntyamebo blog reported that terrorists attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28, 2022, killing eight and capturing several others.


On Wednesday, Salam walked barefoot from Unity Fountain in the Maitama area of ​​the Federal Capital Territory to the National Assembly to protest against the abduction of passengers during the attack, The auntyamebo blog reported.

Meeting with the families on Thursday, Salam said the families had done what was expected of them.


Sam has promised to negotiate with the leadership of the National Assembly to facilitate the release of those arrested.

He said, “I think the first thing is that the leadership of this country apologizes to them. I apologize for the lack of empathy because in my dealings with them they have taken steps to write letters to the people in government including the National Assembly which I would be surprised if that letter came to the Speaker’s office because I know you will not usually ignore the character.

“They have not received a response from the security services, the National Assembly and they have not received any response or communication from the incident.


“In fact, all the meetings or contacts that took place since the incident were purely out of place, which I do not think is the best.

“So I want to apologize on behalf of the leadership and reassure them after hearing this matter a good result will come out.

“I will consult with the leadership of the National Assembly to take this matter seriously so that we can resolve this matter as soon as possible.”


He also urged the terrorists to release the detainees.

Sam said, “For the kidnappers themselves, if there is a sangoma they can see or hear this. We ask for the sake of Almighty God, Allah, the milk of Almighty grace which He has bestowed on all people and I ask them to decide for themselves to give freedom to other people. ”

Speaking on behalf of the families, Idayat Yusuf said they had been traumatized since the incident and called on the government to speed up their efforts to release their relatives.

He said, “It has been 65 days of trauma, heartache and unimaginable information from the hostages and those at home. And in all our conferences with the media we have been pleading. We have been urging the President and security agencies since the incident but to no avail.

They kept reassuring us that they were going to come out. We strongly urge that there be an urgent discussion on everything they do as time goes on.

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