Adekunle Shokunbi Lagos worker loses hand in factory accident, firm blames victim

A factory worker at Spring Feeds Limited, Adekunle Shokunbi, lamented his encounter with an industrial accident that cost him his right hand while working with the company in Itamaga, Ikorodu, Lagos Province.

Auntyamebo blog reported that Adekunle, along with some of his colleagues, was working when he tried to remove animal food scraps from a machine that was mixing products at the company’s factory.


The 22-year-old man said his right hand was inside the machine when a colleague named David turned it on, adding that the machine had cut off his hand.

Adekunle said that while he was in a coma, his colleagues rushed him to Ijede General Hospital, adding that he fainted when he arrived at the hospital.


He said, “I was hired as a shareholder and when the company had a small staff, it started to diverge and I was appointed to oversee the factory workers.

“I was doing my daily work on April 5 when I realized that the work was too much for the existing staff. So instead of sitting idly by, I helped the factory workers to remove the animal feed that was attached to the sack.

“While working I saw that there was something left to feed the animals inside the machine and I decided to remove the residue by hand because it was the way they used to wipe the machine since I arrived.


“While I was removing the remains, one of the workers, David, turned on the machine with my hand inside, and the machine cut my hand. I kept yelling at him to turn off the machine but he was startled and badly damaged my right hand. My colleagues rushed me to Ijede General Hospital, and when I arrived, I fainted. ”

Adekunle’s mother, Ajoke, said that after her son was admitted to Ijede General Hospital, he was transferred to National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, where he was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, where Adekunle’s right hand was amputated. during surgery.

The 46-year-old suspect said, “I was at home when his father called me and informed me that there was a machine that had cut off my son’s hand. I was shocked. When I arrived at the hospital, I saw that his right hand was bandaged and that I could not see clearly. Until we got to LUTH I saw that she was badly injured.


“We were trying to have a meeting with the company manager but to no avail. He insisted that we meet in our home but was advised to give a reason for our neutrality. So we gave her the address of a neutral court and when she arrived and saw that it was not our house, she postponed the photo and we have not been able to hold a meeting with her ever since. ”

A photo with our reporter shows Adekunle lying on a hospital bed with a bandage on his arm.

Another photo showed a crushed hand in a bucket after being amputated during surgery. A photo was also shown of an Ogun State citizen with no right hand.

The family’s lawyer, Olumide Adefila, while seeking justice for the victim, appealed to the director in charge of the incident.

In a May 4, 2022 application form, Adefila applied for a handful of compensation in exchange for Adekunle and N40m compensation.

The petition read in part, “Our client is only 22 years old and will bear the stigma and discrimination of a lifelong disability when he or she will be deprived of many things as long as he or she lives.

“We have a strict order for our client to demand the purchase of a replacement hand as soon as possible; that the N40m employee compensation was paid to our customer for a permanent and irreparable disability that our customer received as a result of a mistake that was made while hiring your company. ”

The company’s MD, Dayo Seriki, said the accident was caused by Adekunle, adding that he had done more than his job.

He said, “It is not his job to go and use the machine; he went there. How can one use a machine without knowing it? In the event of an accident, I followed them everywhere and paid all the bills in the hospital. I have all my facts and statistics as we have never abandoned him.

“They told me to pay N100m, where would I get it? Want to kill me or cut off my hand? Kunle Shokunbi is alive and I thank God for that, but if it is his mother who wants to deceive me because something has happened to her child as she is asking for N100m while the company is in the park, where is the money. We are still paying his salary. ”

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