Actor Noel Clarke reveals he contemplatedsuicide when more than 20 women accused him of sex offences last year

British actress Noel Clarke has revealed he was contemplating suicide when more than 20 women accused him of sexual offenses.



In 2021, the Guardian published allegations of sexual misconduct against all women who knew Clake as a professional.

In a statement at the time, Clarke said he ‘strongly denied’ any ‘sexual misconduct or criminal activity’ and no criminal charges were laid against him.


He added that he was ‘very sorry’ if some of his actions affected people ‘in ways that I did not intend or that I did not understand’, and vowed to get professional help ‘to educate myself and change for the better’.

The 46-year-old actor, best known for appearing in Doctor Who and compiling the Hood Trilogy, told The Mail On Sunday that he had thought of cutting his throat with a knife, but the question of his 11-year-old son. he took me out of it ‘.



‘Twenty years of work was over in 24 hours. I have lost everything, ’he told the newspaper, adding that his work had been terminated due to the allegations.



‘The company I could build from the ground up, my TV shows, my films, my book deals, the professional respect I had. My heart and my head have hurt so much that I can’t explain it. ‘


Following allegations against Clarke, ITV withdrew the final episode of the show Viewpoint, starring in it, and broadcaster Sky, who broadcast Clarke’s show, Bulletproof, said he was suspending work with him.

Bafta also established his membership of the organization and his outstanding British contribution to the cinema award, which he presented in 2021.


In March this year, police said there would be no further investigation into the sexual allegations against them.


Scotland Yard said in a March 2022 statement that it had undergone a thorough investigation of professional investigators, but found that the data would not reach the limit of criminal investigations.

The statement said: ‘We shared our findings with the outside organization and reviewed the complainants who contacted us after the initial report.


‘Once other criminal allegations related to those that have been investigated are reported they will be considered.’


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