2023: Singer Brymo under fire for supporting Tinubu

  • Olawale Olofooro singer, popularly known as Brymo, has become a hot topic on Twitter after the singer publicly voiced support for All Progressives Congress president Bola Tinubu ahead of the 2023 election.
  • The singer, who described Tinubu as a “town boy” noted that the APC official was the one with the national plan.
  • Brymo went on to say that he has never met Tinubu or his political allies, as he told critics to stop judging anyone who wants to enter with age.
  • It all started when a tweet @ ambrosia_ijebu wrote, “This appointment of Jagaban (as Tinunu is called) has really helped me to see that many Nigerians do not really care about purposeful or active leadership.”
  • “However he has a plan, we all know that. Let the city boy become president once! ” Brymo replies.
  • He added, “I have never met this man, anyone I represent, or I know, or even his affiliation with political parties – and if we stop trying to kill them because they are too old.”
  • After his comments, tweeps slammed the artist for backing Tinubu’s bid for the upcoming election.
  • Responding to Brymo’s tweet, @ tripex111 said, “I’ve actually been a fan, because I saw you as a kind Fela, who spoke ill of bad people, bad government and everything, but no, you only have a talent for music. lack of empathy for what you preach. You are missing, family and I am traumatized. “
  • Another tweep said, “I really like you as an artist. However, as a person, I do not respect your position in this matter. How can you believe that with a clear conscience Tinubu has a plan? No Brymo, this broke my heart. ”
  • After the knock, Brymo took a deep breath over his comment that Tinubu was a “city boy” and had a plan, noting that the city he was talking about was Lagos, which Tinubu ruled from 1999 to 2007.
  • Brymo said, “About having a plan; What city do you live in? .. I live in Lagos .. Yes! City Boy. It is like Lagos entering the rock of Aso. It is guaranteed to work!
  • “Even if the robbery is full, he will still be the best president yet. To God! ”
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  • Another tweep, @memihazan, then advised the artist, “Instead of focusing on advertising your album, now your fans will start looking at you differently.”

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